Possible Outcomes

The conclusions of your complaint handling review will explain the Commissioner's final decisions in full.  Each one of your complaints will be dealt with individually so you may find that there are a mixture of different recommendations for your case.  Detailed below are some of the possible outcomes:

Upholding a complaint

This means that the Commissioner has concluded that the police organisation has not dealt with your complaint about the police in a reasonable manner.  The Commissioner may go on to recommend that the police organisation provides you with an apology or corrects any error that has been identified.

Not upholding a complaint

A complaint is not upheld when the Commissioner has decided that the police organisation has dealt with your complaint reasonably and in line with its own complaint handling procedures. 

Recommending further action by the force

The Commissioner may recommend that the police organisation takes further action in relation to your complaint.  This may be the outcome if you have made a complaint to a police organisation that has not been recorded or if it has failed to address your complaint in its final response to you.

Issuing of reconsideration directions

In some cases the Commissioner may decide to issue a reconsideration direction.  This means that the Commissioner has concluded that your complaint must be looked at in full and that a new person who has had no previous involvement with your complaint will be appointed to carry out the reconsideration.  In certain circumstances, the Commissioner may decide that the reconsideration should be supervised by him or a third party.

Identifying learning points 

In all cases the Commissioner looks for learning opportunities so that standards can be improved in the future.  Recommendations may be made for the police to review or make changes to policies and procedures so that problems are less likely to happen again in the future.

The Commissioner's decision is final.  However, if you are unhappy with the conclusions of your complaint handling review, you may wish to take advice from a solicitor or the Citizens Advice Bureau on the possibility of a judicial review of the decision. 

If you think that a factual error has been made by the PCCS in your complaint handling review, you should contact your case officer. If you remain unhappy after discussing your concerns and wish to make a complaint, please see Complaints about the PCCS for information on our complaints procedure.