Posted: Wednesday 13 June 2012

Statement from Professor John McNeill in respect of CHR PCCS-00244-11-PF-SP

Statement from Professor John McNeill, Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland

In light of the significant media interest generated by a complaint handling review which I published on 18 April this year, I believe it is appropriate for me to issue a public statement acknowledging an error in one of my findings in that report, which was repeated in a press release.

"While I remain of the view that the officers' actions in pursuing the car were highly inappropriate, breached a prohibition contained within the Manual of Guidance issued by ACPOS in 2009 and posed a clear risk to other road users, on the advice of counsel, I accept that my interpretation of the law in relation to a plain clothes officer's power to stop a car was wrong.

I have today written to the Deputy Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police apologising to him and the officers involved for this error and advising that I no longer insist on the recommendations I made in relation to complaint 1(a) in the report.

At the same time, I have advised the individual who made the original complaint of my intention and have offered my apologies for the disappointment that will result from the error.

In my letter I undertook to  publicise the fact that my report contains an error.

Link to letter to Deputy Chief Constable
Link to complaint handling review PCCS-00244-11-PF-SP

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